Wood Windows Sash Balance


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Wood Windows Sash Balance Company is a direct to the customer shopping cart for installers and do-it-yourselfers, looking for the original/historical ACME DUPLEX and ACME TWIN balances. Because these balances last so long some hardware stores get few replacement orders, and don’t carry them. We are here to replace the authentic brand.

The mortise tape balance replaced most weight and pulley systems in the early 1900's. The ACME line required one piece of hardware to replace two mortise balances on each side (for each sash), in the 1920's. Millions of sash windows were manufactured with the famous ACME brand for the next several decades, and along with the popularity of sash windows again today, they are still used in all wood windows.

We sell only the authentic US made authentic ACME balances you expect. We will not sell the foreign made knock offs, which may have inferior internal materials.  The manufacturer has a life-time guarantee, and stands behind all ACME balances.

Window manufacturers looking for superior balances should contact ACME directly. See the website at www.acmeduplex.com.