Wood Windows Sash Balance
ACME Twin Sash Balance
ACME Side Mortise Sash Balance Tape
ACME Duplex Adjustable Sash Balance
ACME Overhead Mortise Sash Balance Tape


Wood Window Sash Balance Co.
The Traditional American Made Window Hardware for Sash Windows.

Your source for double hung window sash balances.

Buy your replacement spring balances for your double hung windows here.

Authentic Acme counterbalance mortise tape balances.

Side mortise balances and overhead mortise balances for all weight ranges are available.

Authentic Acme Twin™ and Acme Duplex™ balances for your double hung wood windows.  All sizes and weight ranges are available.

  • Made of the highest quality spring-coil steel, with 250# tensile strength aircraft cables
  • No vinyl liners are required
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Low maintenance


Applications for: